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Apples and Oranges

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Josh Marshall's got a post up today about news from Afghanistan concerning a mercenary of sorts who "...was arrested with others for conducting a 'self-appointed counterterrorism mission that included abusing eight inmates in a private jail by hanging them by their feet.'"

Josh goes on to question what someone is doing operating a private jail, especially since it is very unclear who, if anyone, hired him.

His last paragraph reads:

It just seems like someone must have been paying this guy to do something, unless it's like a blog where you just set up shop and figure that someday a revenue stream might turn up.

Sure, I see the intended humor, but I find myself very uncomfortable with the comparison.

All in all, a disturbing story if you choose to follow the link to the ABCNEWS.com page it appears on. Makes me think of all those movie moments when a CIA agent or Special Forces soldier is given an assignment, and when he is told that the mission is top secret, he responds, "What mission, sir?"