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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wilco has another great album out (A Ghost is Born), there's a lead story on Wilco and Jeff Tweedy in Rolling Stone, and still so few people, it seems, appreciate what Wilco has accomplished.

From their inception and through the masterpiece Summerteeth , Wilco were master chefs, taking ingredients from their myriad influences and whipping them up into the yummiest of delicacies. Homage is a word that often comes to mind when listening to Wilco, since the musical references are so overt that it is impossible to label them as rip-offs.

Yet, what is most remarkable about the band is what they have done in their last two albums - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and now A Ghost is Born. What we've seen, or perhaps more appropriately heard, has been the metamorphosis from a band of masterful interpreters of classic pop/rock/country music, to the creators of their very own, unique sound. Yes, the influences are still there, but they are now relegated to background filler or the occasional, brief keyboard or guitar lick.

It will be very exciting to watch where they will go from here.