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Friday, July 09, 2004

This will likely be my last post until Monday, July 19th, as I will be on a road trip with my family around the Selkirk Mountains, and I don't have a laptop. Oh, the shame!

In the meantime, I leave you with these few items:

1. Update on Michael Moore's blog. The pattern appears to continue as he's only made two posts since his July 4th launch. I'm watching you, Mr. Moore.

2. Saturn's rings.

Scientist believe Saturn's rings formed a few hundred million years ago when debris from colliding comets and moons was drawn into orbit around the planet by its gravitational influence.

I read this to a co-worker and she said it's pretty funny to her how scientists think they can really determine that a few hundred million years ago, given the vastness of space, that comets, which on earth we only get to see every 50 years or so, actually collided with moons and the debris resulted in the rings. Science or science fiction?

3. Sticks and stones will break my bones... I took real pleasure in reading about the sound ass-whoopin' the Bush administration received at a recent benefit concert that raised $7.5 million.

After celebrities raised $7.5 million with a concert for Democratic candidates John Kerry and John Edwards , an angry Bush campaign challenged their opponents on Friday to release a videotape showing performers calling the president a "liar" and a "cheap thug" during the show.

Actor Chevy Chase drew laughs and cheers from the Radio City Music Hall audience when he described politicians and their hobbies: "Clinton plays the sax, John plays the guitar, and the president's a liar." John Mellencamp sang "Let me tell you a story about the Texas Bandito," a tune that referred to Bush as a "cheap thug."

"If John Kerry is going to praise last night's star-studded hate fest and characterize it as the 'heart and soul' of America, he should share these values with voters everywhere," Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman said Friday in a statement. "We call on Kerry to release the video of this event so that all Americans can see what John Kerry has called America's 'heart and soul.'"

The Bushies hate bullies. Now that's funny!