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And I thought I was smart

Monday, August 02, 2004

A recent dialogue with my 6.75-year old son:

son: Dad, my friend said that it's illegal to light fireworks on a day that's not the 4th of July on Vashon Island.

hjm: Well, your friend's just a little off there. It is illegal here in Bellingham, but not everywhere. I think your friend's just acting like he knows everything.

son: Yeah.

hjm: Don't you think it would be boring to know everything? There would be no mystery to life.

son: Yeah, but it could be useful.

(pause, holding back a chuckle, followed by immense pride and adoration)

hjm: True. Still, I think it would get boring.

son: Yeah, like for detectives. They wouldn't have any mysteries to solve.