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Wake up, guys!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

I have a new favorite website. The British newspaper The Guardian calls their site Guardian Unlimited, which contains content beyond what they print on paper. Noteable for their news coverage from outside the American corporate media machine, but just as appealing for their British take on all things cultural, it's a great place to browse for information and entertainment.

The inspiration for this post came from reading two articles online today.

Barred painter's open air nude show

Naked women, cars and sports help doubles sales of mens mags

The irony, when these two pieces are juxtaposed, is so thick and delicious you can cut it with a knife and relish in licking the bowl.

Yet, what came to me when I read the second article is a much more serious issue - men being manipulated, mostly by other men. It never ceases to amaze me how transparent it all is. Dare watching commercial television for even a short while and you will be flooded with promises aimed at men that they will have more sex and more fun if they buy certain products or participate in certain activities.

Guys, wake up! Don't you see what's going on here? You are not that stupid. You are not Pavlovian dogs! Shouldn't you feel insulted, used, stereotyped? Doesn't it bother you that it's mostly men who are selling these products, trying to exploit for their own personal gain you, their fellow men and the fact that you have been conditioned to reflexively respond to images of scantily clad women, flashy cars, rich sports celebrities, etc.? Do you think they should be raking in the dough, living a life of luxury, while you shell out your hard earned cash on items you might not purchase if you thoroughly thought about the options available.

As an example and proof that I am in no way preaching a puritan lifestyle, let's look at beer.

Question: Why in the world would anyone mindlessly choose Budweiser, Miller, or Coors when they can be enjoying Boundary Bay, Pike, or Fish Tail?

Answer: Boundary Bay, Pike, and Fish Tail will not use sexual or other manipulative imagery to sell their products. Oh yeah...and they actually taste good too.

(While some would argue that another main reason for choosing Bud, Miller, and Coors is that they are cheaper, I would respond that men could easily afford the more expensive brews if they weren't blowing so much money on all the other stuff they've been manipulated into buying.)

So, my fellow male Homo sapiens, rise above your caveman roots and join me in a toast, over a pint of Boundary Bay's Imperial Oatmeal Stout: To the liberation of all men from the Sirens-in-drag of modern advertising!

Gulp. Ahhhhh! Damn, that's good!