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Friday, September 24, 2004

You know how annoying it is when you're watching something really great on TV and you are suddenly overcome with the munchies? Sure, if it's VHS or DVD you can pause it and make a mad dash for the kitchen. But, even so, it can be kind of a drag. After all, you might be totally absorbed in the show you are watching. You might have met your goal of escaping into the program, finally freeing your mind from fretting over the harsh realities of your everyday life, the mounting bills, the household chores, you might even be unemployed, while George W. Bush says that the economy has turned a corner. Do you really want to snap yourself out of this refreshing numbness?

Don't worry. LG Electronics to the rescue!

Look closely at the image on the left. Yes, that's a TV built right into the fridge. It shall be called FridgeTV, though LG Electronics calls it the LRSC26980. Yeah, FridgeTV is much better.

So I'm at the gym, sweating my ass off, near the end of my 55-minute, 6-mile, 700-calories-burned workout, and what should come on the omnipresent video monitors but an ad for FridgeTV. The commercial shows all these people, none of them with weight problems by the way, sitting in their kitchens, stuffing their faces, mesmerized by FridgeTV. That's right, you need never stray too far away from your fridge full of food and beverages to enjoy your favorite sitcom, soap opera, or sporting event!

Apparently, LG Electronics isn't too concerned that it's been all over the news that obesity is challenging tobacco use as the number one form of preventable death in the U.S. LG even figured out how to remove the little exercise people might get from dragging their sorry butts to and from the kitchen.

You gotta love corporate values.