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Headline of the day

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The headline is from Reuters, but the copy has been altered for maximum comic effect.
Germans Struggle to Digest New Hitler Film

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germans struggled to digest a powerful new film about Adolf Hitler that was set to open in cinemas on Thursday amid a raging debate about whether the dictator can be portrayed as anything less than the world's greatest evil. Meanwhile, the filmmakers are disappointed that their fellow Germans actually thought that eating the film would help with what they describe as Germany's need, as a nation, to finally be forgiven for the atrocities of the Holocaust.

The Downfall's writer and producer, Bernd Eichinger, said, "These acts, this eating of the actual celluloid, is more than enough proof that the shame most Germans carry with them from that period in history can often lead to ridiculously irrational behavior. If they wish to be forgiven, they must first forgive themselves. Besides, we'll have new copies of the film out to the theatres in days."

I could riff on that all day, but lo, I needs must take my leave. Thanks, Reuters.