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Rain Revisited

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A while back, I posted musings loosely addressing the legendary rain of the Pacific Northwest, my home.

With Ivan slamming into the Gulf Coast as I write this, I am reminded of just how glad I am that it rains so much here.

Let's look at the options:
Northeast: Ice Storms that shut down the power grid when you need heat the most, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, Rudy Giuliani

Southeast: Hurricanes, okra, theme parks, the KKK

Midwest: Tornadoes, arctic like winters in the north, Mississippi River floods, bible-belters with guns, lots of pig poop

Southwest: Earthquakes, 100+ degree heat in the summer (All together now, "But it's a dry heat!"), theme parks, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Any questions?

Sometime during my first week living here, I got out of my car in a parking lot somewhere and started running in the rain to get to the shelter of the building that I had some business or another in. As I passed someone he called out to me, "Don't you know you just get wetter that way?"

While I have not done the research to either prove or disprove this claim, that comment did open my eyes to something that, when it rained, was happening all around me but I had failed to notice. No one ran in the rain unless they were jogging. There were way more hoods or rain hats than there were umbrellas to be seen on the streets of Bellingham, and no one acted as if the rain was harmful to them in any way.

I'll take the 6-7 inches per month in November, December and January.

After all...
Can you hear me?
That when it rains and shines,
It's just a state of mind,
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

- Lennon/McCartney