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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's hard to know where to start with this.
Porn Star Hits It Big as Bestselling Writer

Tue Oct 5, 2:11 PM ET

By Victoria Looseleaf

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - She's got two bodyguards, four dogs, a surgically enhanced double D-cup bust and an almost 600-page book on the best-seller list.
Oh, it's all so tempting! Do I write about a porn star hitting it big with her big D-cuppers? Or should I start with the simple matter of the Reuters reporter named Victoria Looseleaf writing this particular story?

Yeah. I agree. Let's start with the tits. "Surgically enhanced". Hmmmm.
Like many actresses, Jameson worries about losing her beauty. "Our looks pay our bills. I get Botox and love it. I'm very expressive and I'm trying to keep lines from appearing. I did have a chin implant and I'm having breast-reduction surgery," she said.

Downsizing her jumbo implants to a C cup seems right, Jameson says, because to remove them completely "would leave too much extra skin." She adds, "I'll get a full reduction after I have children." Jameson's maternal instinct looms large, as she and Grdina try to conceive a child.
You know, on second thought, I don't think there is anything I can add to that. As a parent I am simply impressed that Jenna is being so proactive regarding her pending motherhood.
"I love what I do for a living," exclaims Jameson, dragging on a Marlboro Light, the only vice she claims to still have.

"I'm also trying to change the way the industry is run, which is mostly headed by men who don't take women seriously as business people. To change things for girls going into the industry, I have to continue. I want to continue."
She's simply a model human being. I'm tearing up. Excuse me.
"I don't know if I can spit out another book. Maybe it'll be a coffee table book of photos or maybe I'll focus on something more family-oriented. If I do have a daughter," she says with resolve, "there's no way in hell I would allow her to be a porn star and go through the things I went through."
As a friend of mine likes to say in moments such as this: well.the.hell.