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All clear.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's safe. You can come out now.

So, the election results seem to have sent formerly intreprid Team T-Floss into hiding. Well, the sky has not fallen, nor have any nukeular weapons, Bush & Co. are indeed back for an encore, but today Amy Sullivan reports the following:
BE AFRAID! BE VERY...OH, NEVER MIND....What a surprise. One week after the election, having successfully freaked the bejeebus out of folks in the Red States who don't actually face any real threat of terrorism, the Bush administration has lowered the threat level from orange to yellow. Yes, that's right. Nothing to worry about anymore, nothing to look at here, go about your business, everything's back to normal.

Who said raising and lowering the threat levels was purely political? Pshaw.
See. Everything is fine. Please return to your normal activities. New blog entries would be greatly appreciated.

- The Management