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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ok, so, after writing about Kerry's fictional immigration to France, I seriously considered following him there. Thoughts of faraway France led to thoughts of the Canadian border a mere 20-some miles north of here, and I spent a few hours researching what it would take to actually relocate to British Columbia. After all, I have already written here about my affinity for those lovable Canucks.

However, I finally came to my senses, partly thanks to a post by Josh Marshall. Here's the part that woke me up:
For the Democrats, what I fear most (and what I've privately worried about for months) is this: Energy cools after an election. That's inevitable. But organization and institutions can survive. And it is within institutions and organizational infrastructure that energy and power exist and persist.

Certainly it would have been more pleasant (and perhaps better) to nurture all the organization and infrastructure that has been built up over the last two years under a President Kerry. But my concern over the last few months has been that if Bush won, all of these groups and organizations and incipient infrastructure would simply be allowed to wither, as though it had been tried and found not to have worked.

That, as a factual judgment, I think is just plain wrong. And if that were allowed to happen it would truly be tragic. The truth is that what Democrats have begun to build over the last two years is tremendously important. It just wasn't enough, not yet.
No, I choose to stand and fight.

I have a son and should be empathic towards other parents, parents who don't have the means to pack up and leave, parents whose children will be inheriting this mess, and I can't abandon them to that.

Now is the time to get involved. Campaigns for the Democratic presidential primaries start two years before the general election. That leaves us two years, not a heckuva a lot of time, to search out and find a candidate who can re-marginalize exclusivist, religious fundamentalism, someone who speaks fluent Heartland American, someone who is charismatic. That's a big task.

To that end, I have started a new blog for a very focused discussion on what the next Democratic candidate for president should look like - Next President

I will post reflections here on how this new blog is going, which will also serve as promotion for Next President, given that new folks stop by here all the time.

I look forward to a spirited discussion.