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X-Mas List

Monday, December 20, 2004

I guess you could say this a wish list - a list of all the posts I wish I could write, but due to a number of forces beyond my control, I am simply unable to. The question is: Will Santa come to the rescue of this increasingly desperate Jewboy?

1. Review of U2's How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. I will say here that U2 continues to stand head and shoulders above most pop/rock artists, particulalry in terms of their consistency in making music that is uniquely theirs, of high quality, The Edge remains one of the most interesting guitarists out there, and Bono's voice is perhaps the best there ever has been in the genre.

2. I am frickin' thrilled to be a Seattle Mariners fan right now!

3. I am frickin' disgusted by the United States of America!

4. Winter Solstice - in the Pacific Northwest, this is a VERY big deal, the returning of the light.

5. Hannukah - still crazy after all these years.

6. The hidden meaning of parking lots. (This one will make it to T-Floss soon.)

7. Egg Nog - If I didn't like it so much (especially with freshly grated nutmeg) I'd be sickened by it.

8. Winter seasonal brews - wishing Knuckles would write on this because I'm not getting out enough to sample.

9. Salmon and the gauntlet.

10. In Heavy Rotation: Buddhism, or Brushes with Gary Snyder and Pema Chodron.