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Aint too proud to beg

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Who was the jerk who, at an early age, taught me that it wasn't cool to ask for help?

Um, more precisely, why can't I bring myself to seek help from...Help files? I frickin' hate Help files. I'm the kind of person that calls up tech support and begs to be walked, step-by-step, through fixing the problem at hand rather than clicking on that ever-present Help icon. I'm the kind of person who offers to mow the lawns of total strangers if only they would come to my house and fix the problem at hand. Anything to avoid Help files written by someone brilliant at writing programming code and not so brilliant at using the English language to write easy to follow instructions.

All this is to explain that, almost 8 months to the day after the launch of Transcendental Floss, we finally have started a links list in our sidebar. When we first waded into the blogosphere, we initially made contact with a number of other bloggers, and made bold promises that we'd add a link to their blog when we figured out how to add it to the template. See, this is how the blogosphere works, a network of sorts, people scratching each others' backs.

Well, until recently, as usual I avoided the Blogger Help files like the plague. I took one look months and months ago at the code in the template and instantly got cold feet. One slip, it seemed, and I could very well bring the entire information superhighway to a screeching halt.

Who woulda thunk it was so easy? The page in Settings where you actually can edit the template code allows you to preview the changes you've made before you save them. So, the risk is very low, especially if you copy and paste the original into a text file and save it elsewhere.

Now, to be honest, the Help files are still lame in many ways. They are disorganized and scattered around in separate small entries that are sometimes linked to other related entries. Additionally, as was mentioned, they are mostly written by programmers who just aren't able to put themselves in the shoes of a someone who couldn't tell the difference between HTML and Farsi. However, with a little persistence and a dose of experimentation, it is possible to get where you want to go.

We look forward to adding to our links lists as we come across blogs and other sites we like.