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Bizarre Postscript

Friday, February 04, 2005

Ok. Queue the Twilight Zone music.

Yesterday, I referenced JumpTheShark.com and explained that the name of the site is taken from the Happy Days episode wherein Fonzie jumps his motorcycle over a shark in a tank.

So, last night, I was waiting by the phone for a call from a friend and uncharacteristically turned on the TV. Perhaps I was feeling guilty about the harsh words I had for the medium, given that I so rarely watch anything (see Comments for the Martha post).

By pure chance, or otherwise some profoundly important cosmic message that I have yet to decipher, the show that was on was a 30-Year Anniversary of Happy Days, replete with a reunion of the cast, hosted by creator Gary Marshall. Now, the coincidence in terms of my Happy Days reference earlier that day would have been enough for me to get a little creeped out, but this is nothing compared to what was actually happening on the show at that precise moment.

I swear, I'm not making this up, but the first thing I heard was Gary Marshall refer to the episode where Fonzie jumped the shark, but more specifically, he referred to the JumpTheShark.com website and defended the episode, along with the remainder of the shows that came after, claiming that the show never "jumped the shark".

What are the frickin' chances of that? Had I turned on the show a couple of minutes earlier or later, they would have been talking about something else. Or, what about the fact that my TV just happened to be tuned to that station? No matter how I slice it, it freaks me out!

Damn you, Gary Marshall! Leave me alone!