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Editorial Correction

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Color me embarrassed. A good friend of mine emailed me in response to my posts (Post 1, Post 2) referring to Happy Days and JumpTheShark.com.

Apparently, my memory is not as good as it once was, and though that's not always necessarily a bad thing, it appears that I was a little off on the details of Fonzie's jump over the shark.

I'll let my friend expain in his own words:
That is weird, How. And I loved the line in your blog article, "Maybe America has jumped the shark." Genius. Oh, by the way, you wrote, "wherein Fonzie jumps his motorcycle over a shark in a tank." I caught that Happy Days reunion special as well (I'm not bragging, mind you), and they showed the clip of that episode. Turns out, the shark wasn't in a tank and Fonzie wasn't on a motorcycle. I know you would want the facts. The shark was in a roped off section of the ocean and Fonzie jumped it on water skis. (While wearing a leather jacket, shorts, and biker boots, for no apparent reason.)
Notice how I left in that bit about me being a genius? Makes up a little for how badly I screwed up on the whole shark jumping thing.

Anyway, can anybody who watched Happy Days so many years ago understand how I could make such a mistake? After all, there WAS an episode where Fonzie jumps over something using his motorcycle. Wasn't there? Or, was that one of the Tuscadero sisters - Pinky or Leather? (Hint: Those are strictly rhetorical questions.)

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