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Missing: Yogi Berra's Funny Bone

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just in case anyone was really out there, holding their breath, a permanent browser session open to Transcendental Floss, waiting on a post from me, I suppose I should apologize right now for what is sure to be an anti-climactic return to the blog. Gone are the promises of a review of U2's latest album. Gone, also, is a medium length post on the importance of parking lots in my life.

Instead, it takes an AP wire piece about Yogi Berra and Sex and the City to drag me out of hiding.

If you haven't heard, Yogi is all in a huff over his name being used in a commercial for Sex and the City reruns on TBS.

Here's what got him so pissed off:
The offending ad, Berra's court papers say, queried readers about the definition of "yogasm." Possible definitions: (a) a type of yo-yo trick, (b) sex with Yogi Berra and (c) what Samantha has with a guy from yoga class. The answer is (c).
Now, I'd be the first to say that it's not even a very funny joke. In fact, it's bloody terrible. But as good a ballplayer/manager as Yogi may have been, despite his overblown legend as an accidental Zen master, he very clearly suffers from having no discernible sense of humor. You have to be pretty uptight to be offended by that joke, to suggest that it "engenders a moral taint that has damaged his otherwise spotless reputation". Give me a break! He wants $10 frickin' million?!

I ask you: What has sullied his image more, that joke or his co-starring with a duck in AFLAC commercials?