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Monday, August 09, 2004

Lombard's race is run
By Brendan Mooney

CATHAL LOMBARD has admitted to taking the performance enhancing drug Erythropoietin (EPO).

The 28-year-old Corkman will not contest the findings.

"I didn't set out to try and win medals or to make money. I just wanted to be as competitive as I could and have an equal chance with everyone else.

"I am not trying to justify what I did in any way; I am just saying this was the case, this is what I did and, hands up, I did it."

Lombard, whose honesty is a historic first, expressed his sorrow and apologised to everyone in advance of the pending statement from the Athletics Association of Ireland.

"I got a letter faxed to me on Friday from the Irish Sports Council informing me of a possible breach of the Irish anti-doping rules," he said.

Irish Examiner - registration required, so see New Zealand Herald

Ever since the line went beyond blurry to full-on, open use of professionals, the Olympics has been on a downward spiral. Now I do not care much if athletes use drugs or not, but if the rules forbid usage, then admit it. Come clean when caught. Of course, if judgment of rules abuse by the IOC is handled like the NCAA handles its issues, then many athletes are unfairly punished when taking something as simple as aspirin or cough medicine. Still, I gotta admire this Irish lad for his admission of guilt. Granted, he only deserves admiration because many, many athletes have long been denying their use of illegal substances.

Cathal, my next Guinness or Harp will be toasted your way. Sláinte!