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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Students punished for dorm stripper pole


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Three students at Jacksonville University have been punished for installing a stripper pole in an on-campus apartment and taking pictures as fully clothed women performed on it at a party. A female student who won a dance contest also was disciplined.
About a dozen women competed for a $100 Victoria's Secret gift certificate Sept. 11, said James Foster, a 20-year-old who hosted the party. None of the women disrobed.

Residential adviser Amber Davis said the party degraded women. "There are other ways they can go out and get a girlfriend if that's what they want," she said.

Stripper Pole

i'm aghast. agape. agog.

generally that means i can't believe what i'm seeing.

let's recap: students were punished for "degrading women" who didn't do anything more illegal or immoral than dance around a pole. the women didn't get naked--in fact they were "fully clothed." for their efforts, they had a chance to win a legit gift certificate at a store that millions of women like to shop at.

to sum up and in conclusion: well. the. hell.

frick, i don't know where i'm heading with this, except to say that while the world is going straight to hell, dirty bombs could detonate at any time, iraq is turning into a certifiable CF, and we're on the brink of re-electing monkey moron and his circus fleas...

students are being chastised for a fully clothed pole dance thingy.

please take a moment of silence and look at a scantily clad model, a blog entry about pole dancing, and a web site dedicated to strippers.

i'm going off somewhere to drink.