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A New Look!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

To heck with the build stages, I tells ya. The redesign is almost complete, and it is alls I can do right now. I've no more time -- well, so little -- to give to design-storming (design + brainstorming) for this here blog, so the build template goes live. Of course, there are a few elements that could withstand further revision and a few type details that could be ironed out with a deft touch, but all in all this is the direction for transcendental floss.

For primary content, new links are what I call oyyo (oranjellowelloyorange). Visited links are khaki, which is the color of the framing wrapper. The links in the sidebar differ only in their color scheme (off-white for new links and softer green (than the sidebar background) for visited links). Upon hover (or mouseover) all text links within the entire template, whether new or visited, become underlined for purposes of clarity. [edited 02 sept 04]

If something is broken (or appears to be) please leave a comment along with your browser and OS and respective version numbers. Thank you.

NOTE The "transcendental" color block in the masthead is subject to occasionally change upon refresh.