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i ain't skeert

Monday, October 25, 2004

no, I’m not scared. but i am a little worried.

Terrorists in the park?
Add Magnolia's Discovery Park to the locations of alleged terrorist surveillance efforts in the Puget Sound area. According to two women who refused to identify themselves to police, two Middle Eastern men on the afternoon of Oct. 11 were "definitely watching ferries through binoculars as the ferries crossed Puget Sound."

The two men had laid out prayer mats just west of the footpath between the southern bluff and West Emerson Street, the witnesses told police. It is an area near officers' quarters.

The women also said one man had a radio, that the other had binoculars, and that the man with the radio was writing in a notebook while the other watched the ferries through the binoculars.

The suspicious men quickly picked up the prayer mats about five minutes before police arrived and then ran south toward West Emerson Street, according to the police report. The report also includes a transcript of the dispatch calls, and they indicated the men "looked like they just got off horses." An area check proved to be negative.


keep in mind that the magnolia news is an unimpeachable source. if the new york times and the washington post combined their resources to form a magnolia bureau, they’d still run second to this fine publication.

no, not really.

but still, this bit of information, on the heels of several stories about the threat to washington state ferry service, atop the bush administration’s abysmal failure to secure our ports, not to mention the mere suggestion of a suitcase nuclear device…has me a little concerned.

i’ve found myself wondering if the topography of our neighborhood would provide any cover in the event of a water detonation.

like most americans, i’ve learned not to take seriously the “department of homeland propaganda” terror alerts. i am not paranoid.

but i am, now, officially uneasy.