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either way, i'm okay...

Monday, November 01, 2004

i hate it when i lapse into pedantic jaggazz mode. actually, anyone who uses the word “pedantic” is a pedant, so i’m doubly culpable.

in reading over my posts during the past couple months, i realize how deadly serious and dull i’ve become.

forgive me, for i have pontificated.

well starting tonight, on the eve of the most important election since the last one, i’m getting off my high hobby horse. and it’s just as well, since i’m not a big fan of heights, unless well-tuned jet engines or a competent belayer are involved.

i’m in a better mood at the moment because i’ve rationalized tomorrow’s events, however they may unfold. to wit:

if kerry wins, i’m happy, because it’ll be a repudiation of the last 3 years of insufferable inanity. mind you, kerry will have a rough road ahead, since it’ll take his term and then some to fix the mess left by his predecessor. but bush and his corporate whores will be run out of town like a downhill railroad car, and that thought makes me whistle zippity-do-da.


bush wins.

guess what? i’m less happy, but still okay with it. why? because he and his are running out of rabbits and hats from which to pull them. the multiplicity of missteps they’ve made will come home to roost, and if i may mix an in-flight metaphor, the administration will come down like the hindenburg hauling a load of bricks.

is it any wonder i’m so chipper?

yo! george! got a little joke for you…

what happens when a train runs over your foot? it hurts wheel bad.

hooha! thank you very much, don’t forget to tip your servers.

for the record, i’m predicting this kerry (not this carrie) to win. the razor-thin margins in the polls don’t reflect the many hundreds of thousands of newly registered voters who about to descend on their polling places like the wrath of khan.

at the end of the day it’ll be 53% kerry, 45% bush, and a landslide in the electoral college.

“seven years of college down the drain.”

i think it was president andrew shepard who said, “…right now in america we have serious problems that need to be solved by serious people, and george, your 15 minutes are up….”

ed. note: i may have added the “george” part...