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war is swell

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

during the viet nam war, photographers and journalists were all over the theater of battle, documenting the horrors and sending scalding images back to the evening news in the u.s.

where are those journalists and images today? what do americans know of the events being waged on their behalf?

take the recent fight for fallujah, for example. according to the irish examiner (they seemed nonpartisan), over 600 insurgents were reported killed, along with dozens of u.s. personnel. hundreds more on both sides were wounded.

who would have thought it possible that this kind of devastation could occur in a vacuum?

a recent google image search of "battle for fallujah" found five (5) photographs.

a similar search of the broader "fallujah" returned 918 images, most of which are more innocuous than web cam shots of your local freeway at rush hour.

what's your point, you ask? who wants to see photographs of death and destruction?

come on. americans love death and destruction. nascar fans live for massive wrecks. movie-goers demand big body counts. video games, once the warm, wholesome purview of mario and ms. pac man, spew blood by the buckets.

the media is missing out on an historic opportunity. not "to do their jobs." heaven forfend. but to sell! to jack up their circulation and make a killing during sweeps. to make money the old-fashioned way...on the pain and suffering of thousands.

instead, they're sitting idly by and wasting the chance of a lifetime.

the media are bleeding heart liberals. no, the media are soulless conglomeratons. whichever viewpoint you subscribe to, the bottom line is the same.

support our troops. only 18 more shopping days 'til christmas! how 'bout those patriots?

war is swell.