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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the last four years in america have been fun, haven’t they? but you read it here first: the next four will be even better!

because the people who brought you the biggest and best reality show ever are back! and this time they mean business.

bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rove and the rest are back—and they’re bringing some friends with them. that’s right, a republican-controlled senate, house and judiciary. and they’re already gearing up to rubber stamp this administration’s most cleverest plans.

if they can dream it, they can have it!

no more whining, liberal ideas like "the environment" (a made-up term that means nothing); tax & spend big government; public schools (vouchers! get yer vouchers here!); and justifiable wars.

and all those gays and lesbians who have been so annoying lately? they’ll be returning to their closets where they belong. marriage licenses are for straight people, by god, and don’t you forget it!

the american people have spoken, and they want their mtv. or their gop, as the case may be.

“we’re gonna do things my way, or we won’t do things at all!”

fun? you’ve never had so much fun. so get ready.

you asked for it.

and now you’re gonna get it.