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post holiday letdown

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

ha! i've stolen a good idea from my friend gonzo. all the posts i would write if it weren't for the holidays.

thanks, gonzo. your royalty check is in the mail.

no, really.

1. rummy and the egg nog all over his face. any question what this post would've been about? i didn't think so. so let's just stipulate the sarcasm and ranting that would've followed.

2. barry bonds, jason giambi, steroids and asterisks. (hint: i'm in favor of the asterisks, opposed to the rest.)

3. bush and his "medals of freedom" awarded to 3 utter failures. woo-hoo! the dollar ain't the only thing being devalued in america.

4. the seattle sonics. they should be one of the worst teams in the league. instead, they're currently one of the best. coach nate mcmillan either shopped early for smoke and mirrors, or he sold his soul to (insert devil of your choice here).

5. the makers of celebrex, aleve, and other drugs that may kill us. hey, nobody's perfect, but don't hide the data, huh?

6. the very idea of a legitimate election in iraq.

6.b. the very idea of a legitimate election in king county, washington state.

7. global warming, and the bush administration's insistence it doesn't exist. i would've also thrown in a withering attack on bush's environmental record across the board.

8. recent shark attacks in australian waters.

9. a look back at 2004, with a sincere discussion as to why 2005 has to be an improvement

feliz navidad, y'all.

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