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Mississippi has libraries?!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Well, the title is the obvious joke Jon Stewart directly shied away from (by doing the same I've done to open my post) when opening The Daily Show to announce that libraries in two counties within the state of Mississippi have banned America (the Book).

Do like me (see the reactive note below), e-mail the lead librarian of the ban, Robert Willits, director of the Jackson-George Regional Library System, at rwillits@jgrl.lib.ms.us and tell'em what you think. Try writing something more intellectual than me. Thank you.

Mr. Willits -

There is absolutely no call for a librarian to ban books. You are not the voice for the community. That decision should be left up to publicly-elected officials. And when those people decide to have a book banned, you should lead the fight against the ban, which is wrong in the first place. You are an embarrassment to librarians everywhere. Well, except the yahoo in a nearby county who banned the same book in question, which needs no mention. Oh, wait, that other county is under your control. So... you're the yahoo, yahoo.

Wait, wait, there's no need to disparage Yahoo! by calling you a yahoo. Sorry, Yahoo!. Not sorry to you, Mr. Willits. Censorship is wrong. Retire, retire now.

Bill O'Rights

P.S. Lawyer/writer/t-ball team manager John Grisham has a book banned?!