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Mr. Willits Responds

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mr. Willits created and used, I believe, several boilerplate responses for the hundreds of emails he received. The response I received was creative and entertaining. Although, he may have been truly cantankerous, but I doubt it. The response was too funny.

In Mr. Willits' response he shared that the book is no longer banned. He also asked me for a "full color, frontal nude 8x10 glossy picture" of myself for use in a future book of his own based upon the emails he received over the matter. If only I were a child to slap a solicitation lawsuit against him! I jest. Again, I believe the man responded with good humor. How could I not laugh?!

[Note to self: Do not delete signatures of outgoing emails and also add a line that "responses shall be published under implied consent unless direct notice is given to the contrary" or some such legal mumbo jumbo.]