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lakers sinking

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

i play basketball. and i would never want a guy like kobe bryant on my team.

bryant is one of the top 5 players in the world right now, alongside tim duncan, shaq, and kevin garnett. throw lebron james in there too. and if i were in a pick-up game i’d love to run with any of those last four.

but kobe? no thanks, i’ll take a player to be named later.

because he’s almost always the best player on the floor, kobe never passes up a chance to let everybody know that he’s the whole game. anything his teammates do better be a set-up for him. don’t shoot, don’t pass to someone else, don’t set a screen for anyone else.

it’s funny to me that bryant feels it necessary to do all that alpha dog posturing. because at every level of play, from the ymca to the association, the other guys on the floor always defer to the best player. everybody knows who the go-to guy is, and he gets the ball when it matters most.

what’s also funny is that kobe will bitch when his teammates do what he expects them to do. like at the end of the recent lakers loss to the lowly knicks. with little time left on the clock, luke walton passed up a good look at the basket to get the ball to bryant. kobe muffed the pass, time expired, game over.

afterward bryant complained that walton should’ve taken the shot.

of course if walton had taken the shot and missed, kobe would’ve bitched about not getting the ball.

bottom line, bryant’s a lousy teammate, and the lakers will go nowhere until he's gone.

p.s. tsk, i almost forgot: he’s also a lying, cheating, settling-out-of-court rapist.