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the anti-american

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

who's tired of me railing against the president? besides me, i mean.

every single day, it's something new. and I’m worn out from reacting viscerally to his spectacular list of screw-ups. i'm like a punch-drunk fighter who's not smart enough to do anything else, getting back up to absorb more punishment.

the latest eye-roller and whiplash-inducer is the 2006 federal "budget."

to sum up, lots of money for war and terrorism, big cuts for the most vulnerable americans.

put another way, more money for the elective war, more tax cuts for the rich, a wrecking ball for social security. and the poor? pfft, they get a texas-sized serving of contempt.

"...we're asking for Congress to cut and/or reduce 150 different programs. The important question that needs to be asked for all constituencies is whether or not the programs achieve a certain result. Have you set goals, and are those goals being met? And the poor and disadvantaged absolutely ought to be asking that question, too. In other words, what is the goal of a particular program? And if that goal isn't being met, the question ought to be asked, why isn't the goal being met?"

got that? the poor and disadvantaged, the people who are struggling to keep themselves and their children off the street, they're the ones who should be taking to task the programs put in place to help them.

it's a joke of a response from this joke of a president who still tries to pass himself off as a "compassionate conservative."

random question: why does bush like iraqis so much more than americans?

he's got hundreds of billions of dollars (strangely unaccounted for in his "budget," mind you) for the downtrodden in other countries, but manages to stiff u.s. education, the environment and health care for children. veterans, the people charged with fighting bush's elective war, get their benefits cut, too. they'll be paying a bunch more for drugs, which they'll desperately need in lieu of the programs their president is yanking out from under them.

it’s remarkable how far from “traditional conservative values” this administration has strayed. once the party of fiscal restraint, the right is now the bastion of big government, big deficits, and big, transparent lies. all at an astronomical cost to average americans.

if approved, this “budget”

“…would lead to the first reduction since the Reagan administration in programs…like local law enforcement projects, the national park system and preschool literacy projects.

"The proposal also calls for substantial reductions in programs like Medicaid and food stamps where spending levels are largely determined by eligibility criteria."

no one believes the president's "budget" will survive in its present form. on both sides of the aisle wagons are being circled, flares are going up, and lines in the sand are being drawn. many, many components of the president's latest assault on americans are considered "dead on arrival" in congress.

but if we are to assume that this is the "budget" bush and his miscreants really want, then it's a stunning demonstration of the low regard the administration has for most people in this country.

another day, another body blow by the anti-american president. frankly, i could use some more rest between rounds, because it looks like it's gonna be a long fight.