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things we don't care about

Friday, February 18, 2005

americans have become a flabby, complacent bunch.

that's mentally, as well as physically.

if you've been paying any attention to current events, it doesn't trouble most people that new york times reporter judith miller and time magazine reporter matthew cooper are headed inexorably toward jail. their crime? refusing to rat out a confidential source in the valerie plame case. even if you don't know the details of said case, it's pretty obvious that if a reporter isn't allowed to have confidential sources, lots of news won't get reported. unless it's by a conservative pundit paid for by the bush administration, and aired on fox news.

that's bad.

most people aren't aware, and wouldn't care anyway, that jim guckert, aka jeff gannon, used a white house press pass to pimp the bush administration since february, 2003. guckert is a gay male escort (not that there's anything wrong with that) and an internet porn figure. how those impressive credentials warrant a press pass to stand a few feet from the president is a topic of considerable discussion. draw your own conclusions.

meanwhile, maureen dowd, an opinion writer of some note at the new york times, was denied a press pass. though why she'd want to be in the same room as the president is anyone's guess.

that's grotesque.

in other news that creationists will deny any knowledge of, it turns out homo sapiens is a lot older than previously thought. new analysis of a couple skulls found in ethiopia showed the bones to be 195,000 years old. that's a good 35,000 years older than they were given credit for. upon hearing the report, one creationist said, "la la la la, i can't hear you."

that figures.

finally, barry bonds prepares to complete his drug-fueled assault on the home-run record held by a legitimate player, henry aaron. most people don't give a rip about steroids, human growth hormone and other designer performance-enhancing drugs, however. so bonds will get the record without an asterisk, and take his place among the all-time greats at cooperstown.

that's a fraud.

but who cares?

not me.