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bush dishonors american POWs

Saturday, February 19, 2005

take a good look at this man. he's everything the bush administration is not.

because this man, U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Clifford Acree, actually fought and bled for his country. he was shot down over iraq in the first gulf war, and was tortured in captivity.

acree and 16 other u.s POWs were awarded nearly a billion dollars of iraqi money by a federal judge, as compensation for their ordeal.

now the bush administration is fighting these veterans, trying to prevent them from collecting the damages they earned.

important note: president bush went awol from the national guard during the viet nam war. dick cheney "had other priorities" at that time. other administration chicken hawks have similar histories of non-service.

other important note: this administration endorses and facilitates torture.

according to the l.a. times:

The case tests a key provision of the Geneva Conventions. The United States and other signers pledged never to "absolve" a state of "any liability" for the torture of POWs.

Former military lawyers and a bipartisan group of legislators have been among those who have urged the Supreme Court to take up the case and to strengthen the law against torturers and tyrannical regimes.

important questions:

why does bush hate the geneva conventions so much?

why does bush hate americans so much?

why is the bush administration filled with so many abysmal examples of humanity?