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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This post is brought to you by Professor Yousoupoff's Potency Pills.

Lately, there have been some TV commercials with copywriting that may have slipped by the clients.

One of the ads is by Verizon. I think. Either Google is dropping the ball or there is not a single web page containing this ad campaign's tag line. Shame on the marketing director. Anyway, some cellular company has had an ad campaign out for quite a while now. And I get a chuckle every time I see the spot. Especially, those spots with mobile shots of cars under four bars in places of odd spaces. Enough already, You want to know the tagline, right? Well, the tag for each spot is "more bars for more places". Sure, I'm in favor. Who isn't? Funny, but I have not heard of an outcry from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, though.

Tonight, however, I saw an ad that takes the cake. Trust me. You won't take this ad seriously if you hung out with my friends in college or friends of theirs. Well, actually, I really was not paying attention to the ad. My back was turned. I did not know what the product was. Nor was I sure about the product category. But when I heard Do you see pink in the sink?, college conversations flooded my head immediately. And I about spit out coffee all over my apartment. WTF did I just hear?! Yup, confirmed while ROTFLMFAO, I did hear what I heard correctly.

Now maybe I had strange friends in college, but I heard several of the fairer sex on several occasions refer to "pink in the sink" and the four words had nothing to do with gingivitis. It had more to do with, well, never mind, if you do not get it, then it isn't funny. Oh, alright, they were asking how much pink got in the sink. Nudge-nudge. Yes, they were discussing sex, okay? Do you get it now? Sometimes women will do that. Talk sex. And this was even before "Sex in the City" aired. The horror! Wink-wink. At least their talk made for interesting conversation. And provided a line to use at the ad agency later in life. Really, I should track down the copywriter. We may well have "attended" class together. Say no more, say no more.

Do you see pink in the sink? Seriously, Colgate, WTF.