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School day drinking

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Quietly though, a few districts around the country, from Indiana to Connecticut to Long Island, have begun to integrate breath-testing devices into the regular school day, a move that adds a new wrinkle to the ongoing struggle between students' privacy rights and a school's duty to limit drug and alcohol abuse.


Things seemed to be getting out of hand, even for East Hampton, a summer oasis for wealthy New Yorkers that reverts to a rural small town in the off-season where teenagers can get away with holding beach bonfire parties where alcohol flows freely, and year-round residents describe 16 as the de facto drinking age.
New York Times

Wake up, America! That's the de facto drinking age of any U.S. town (and especially city). Oh, sure, there are some towns filled with students who may not drink at sixteen, but the "opinion leaders" of the student crowd who get everyone else to drink by 18 (cuz unless a kid was raised by teetotallers or is bejeezus scared of a whooping s/he's taking a drink by 18, especially those headed for college).

Oops, I got off on the wrong foot here. All I wanted to really make note of is where is the mention of breathalyzers for the teachers. Perhaps, my junior highs and high school are the exceptions, but I know which teachers were drinking on the job. They still did well in the classroom, so I did not make a stink. Besides, I held it over some of them. This is why as a student it is important to ask for a hall pass during class and use the pass to barge into the teachers lounge unannounced. Amazing what went on in there.

As for other schools across the country, I am sure plenty are filled with boozed up teachers succumbing to the pressures of dealing with "today's" students. Start there. Then the kids.

That or students should unionize. I'll bet that district-union contracts have language stipulating that teachers do not have to put up with breathalyzers. ;)