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Doctor recommended for optimal cerebral hygiene 

How are those New Year's resolutions holding up?

Friday, January 28, 2005

Sometime in my elementary school days upon seeing that adults could not manage to make it even a month maintaining their New Year's resolutions, I made a resolution to not make resolutions. Sometime in college I decided that if I ever wanted to make a New Year's resolution, I would have to declare on New Year's Day that my resolution was to break my childhood resolution with the understanding that no real resolutions could be made until another year. Sometime in my late twenties, I called upon my loophole. Sometime in my early thirties, I took advantage. My resolution was to try and slow down. To not fidget so much. To relax more. To avoid work, the primary cause I believe for my impatient behavior.

Overweight people have a tendency to sit, while lean ones have trouble holding still and spend two hours more a day on their feet, pacing around and fidgeting, researchers are reporting in findings published today.

The difference translates into about 350 calories a day, enough to produce a weight loss of 30 to 40 pounds in one year without trips to the gym - if only heavy people could act more restless, like thin ones.

NY Times

Guess what I think about that resolution I made some years ago? Yup, I don't like it. While I have not gained much weight (five pounds), my body mass has changed. Let's say that I am less dense than I used to be. Well, physically, that is. Cause mentally, well, being relaxed and less anxious seems to have slowed my mind as well. Anyway, in the last year I have made several attempts to do something about my body mass density. While by no means am I striving to be a neutron star, I sure would like to get started. [Editor's note: Buh-dum-dum, rim shot. Thank you, thank you. He'll be here all week.]

See, I have made three serious efforts to exercise more in the last six months, including running and strength training (weights). Each time I have been fallen by sickness. This New Year's Day for the first time ever I made the resolution (I had never wanted to make) to lose weight (well, lose fat and not care about muscle gain). So what happens after two weeks? I get the worst 48-hour head cold of my life that wipes me out for a week. What happens when I garner enough strength to get back to it? Well, last night, after a great week of nutrition and exercise, I come down with a severe case of rosacea (or something, I am my own HMO after all). Seems that rosacea (a reddy rash) affects some 14 million Americans and can be caused by exercise and some healthy foods. I am going to ignore all the other causes because like work I am starting to believe I am also allergic to good nutrition and exercise.

Oh, well. Fat people are happy, right?!

P.S. Seems cutting down on caffeine and suffering withdrawal causes rosacea, too. Thank you, thank you! The corner Tully's will not have to shut its doors.