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sorry about that propaganda

Saturday, January 15, 2005

by now at least a few people in the u.s. have heard the sorry tale of armstrong williams, the "conservative black pundit" who sold himself to the bush administration.

for the bargain basement price of $240,000, williams agreed to pimp "no child left behind," the president's woefully misnamed education program. at no extra charge, williams also played the race traiter card by promoting school vouchers as a great opportunity for "...inner city school children—often of color."

here's a good summary of mr. williams' right wing toadyism, and here's his abject apology for same. great stuff, huh?

i thought it was so great, in fact, that i wrote him an e-mail:

well, thanks mr. williams for further sullying the reputation of journalism at a time when its credibility is virtually nonexistent.

i've no doubt that your conservative constituents will give you a pass, since you were carrying the banner of the faithful and being a good little propagandist.

i'm sure you'll continue to be well paid by people who find you to be a useful tool. you can look forward to many more years of being the right wing geraldo rivera.

meanwhile the bush disinformation machine marches on. they have lots of taxpayer dollars to spend, and no shortage of sycophants eager to take it.

think of it: the u.s. government secretly paying to spread political propaganda. if you were truly a conservative, you'd recognize that while you were selling out, you were also being sold out.

one question: did you give back the $240,000?

enjoy your money.

i sent this message, mind you, through the mail service at townhall.com; imagine my surprise when i got a "mail delivery failure" message from their postmaster.

now, i'm not saying they kicked back my e-mail out of spite. or that their language filters automatically reject word combinations like "bush disinformation" and "eager sycophants."

but i wouldn't be surprised.

in the interest of fair play, i'm going to resend my e-mail a few more times, just for the heck of it. if it gets through, i'll letcha know.